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EP Series
Standard Series
Deluxe Series
Special Series


All models are constructed using North American spruce and maple* 
European tonewoods optional depending on availability.
(* See 'Wood Grading' below)

Available finishes:  natural*, antique natural*, amber sunburst, dark cherry sunburst, vintage sunburst, blueburst, wine red.
(*not available for EP Series.)

Standard, Deluxe and Special Series guitars are available in 16” or 17” versions, with full 3" rim or thinline 2.25" rim

Available nut widths:  1&11/16”or 1&3/4”

Available fingerboard scales:  24.5”, 25” or 25.5”
Necks may be of either one piece or laminated construction.  Configuration for laminated necks may vary depending on available wood thicknesses.


Most wood suppliers grade lumber based on quality of appearance only.  While cosmetic features differ among the various grades, it’s generally accepted that musical instrument grade woods should contain no defects which might affect structural integrity.  Certain visible and measureable features may have some bearing on tonal quality, though these are not always accurate indicators.

Wood grading can be somewhat subjective, varying from one vendor to another – below is a list of very basic grade descriptions as I employ them:

5A spruce –very close grain with fairly consistent growth ring width and spacing, good uniform color.

4A spruce –moderately close grain with moderate variation in growth ring width and/or spacing, may show slight color variation.

3A spruce –less close grain with moderate to pronounced variation in growth ring width and/or spacing, may show moderate color variation.

5A maple –very strong figure, good uniform color.

4A maple –strong figure, may show slight color variation.

3A maple –medium figure, may show moderate color variation.    

 2A maple – light figure, may show moderate color variation.            


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